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The best man who straightened out his brother

Instead of simply introducing himself as the Groom’s brother, this Best Man takes a novel approach and describes their introduction as if they met as friends.

“When I first met Paul it was 1984. He was in kind of a rough patch. He was crying all the time. He was living at home with his parents. He was unemployed. He frequently wet the bed. Then I came along and straightened him out.”

You’ll see he gets a laugh almost immediately with the introduction of this simple concept. He mocks the traditional way friends talk about their first encounter, and riffs on this idea to grab several big laughs in a very short space of time. Obviously you need to have already made it apparent that you are in fact the brother, and don’t assume everybody already knows this, as approximately half of the guests at any wedding are a friend of a friend of a bloke your Aunt Julie met on holiday.

“From day one Paul and I shared everything. We share the same mum. The same dad. The same toys. The same friends. The same clothes. The same home. Don’t worry, this isn’t going somewhere weird Debbie, because after all these years there’s one thing Paul has never shared (look at Bride)…his drink.”