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Flash backs from last night

On its own, a line about sleeping with the bridesmaid is pretty old hat. Similarly, a joke which references the oft-cited public speaking tip of imagining the audience naked is also vastly overused. However, this best man somehow manages to pull them both off by blending the two lines into one another to create something more than the sum of its parts.
“I’ve got to admit I’m quite nervous up here today, so one tip I’ve got about public speaking is to imagine everyone in the crowd is naked. But the issue I’ve got, with Nicola the bridesmaid here, imagining her naked is just bringing back flashbacks from last night.”
Now if we’re honest, this isn’t the greatest joke we’ve ever heard, and nor is the delivery perfect either. Even some of the crowd doesn’t seem to go for it, with a mixture of groans and boos drowning out most of the laughter. We couldn’t really tell whether the aforementioned Nicola was the best man’s partner, or whether he was implying they’d had a one-night stand. Either way, the joke is quite low brow, but if that’s what your audience wants, feel free to serve it up to them in a trough!