Best man speech videos

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Wedding present joke

However sharp your comments, however corny your jokes, being likeable will ensure your material gets a warm reception. Check out this Best Man who delivers everything with a smile on his face.

“My parents got Mikey and Julie a bed. They were thinking of getting them a water bed, but they were afraid they might drift apart”.

His anecdotal joke starts off with something relevant to the Bride and Groom; i.e. wedding presents. If your story starts off with three Mexicans in a time machine then your audience know not to take things seriously. In this case they’re lulled into a false sense of security, and his deadpan delivery of the final line creates a real knockout punch. If he overplayed this and emphasised the fact that it was a funny story with a funny ending, he wouldn’t have received the same response. Here’s another example of how to start with a realistic tale and end on a joke –

“I have to admit I had a little help writing this speech from our father. He told me son, my whole life I’ve always believed that you should leave people wanting more. Which is why this speech is short, and both Mikey and I were seriously malnourished as children”.