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On this day

If you’re struggling to think of material then a little research into what else happened on that day may give you some ideas. Although in this case, the Best Man couldn’t find anything, so he just called him ugly. That works too.

“I tried to link Callum’s birth date to a major world event, but it seems nothing much else happened in Huddersfield that day. Although the staff at Huddersfield General did refer to it as “Ugly Tuesday”. In fact he was the only baby in Huddersfield to have shutters on his pram”.

For those of you who do decide to go down this route you need to make sure the Groom isn’t too self-conscious about his looks. Also, it goes without saying that making these jokes at the Bride’s expense will get you in trouble. Try to keep the jokes about someone’s looks vague, by generally calling them unattractive and so on. Honing in one someone’s large nose or bucked teeth is likely going to upset them, so go for a more general approach, like this –

“When Callum was born he was so ugly that when his mother breast fed him she used to lie back and think of other babies.”