Best man speech videos

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My new best friend

If you’re able to say more than one thing with a single line you not only reduce the length of your speech, but you also come across as clever and witty. This Best Man does just that to kick off his piece.

“Up until about two hours ago I was Josh’s best friend. (PAUSE) Its okay, I’ve already made new best friends. Their names are Janey, Ellen and Judy and I met them coming out of the church”.

This smart line points to the fact that since a Bride and Groom are supposed to be best friends, he’s lost his own in the process. This is a witty observation, and one that he elaborates on by humorously claiming he’s acquired three more by way of the bridesmaids. Referencing the wedding day and those involved is a clever way of keeping the speech personal and relevant. Hilarious one liners are always beaten by even the most mediocre material that actively engages the people present.

“I had to laugh when I saw all the unwed guys watching nervously as Kerry tossed the bouquet. But I wasn’t actually worried. My girlfriend has terrible hand eye coordination. Unlike me. Because you can tell by looking at me, that I’m a great catch.”