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Delighted to have you all here

One of the all-time classic comedic devices is misdirection; a line which seems to be heading towards one place, only to veer off entirely and land in another. In this instance, the best man lists a string of positive qualities which seem to have a feminine slant to them, only to reveal at the end he was actually describing the groom.
“I’m delighted to have you all gathered here today to witness the marriage of this beautiful, generous, kind… man, and this woman.”
Having delivered this gag towards the bride until the punchline, the little gesture towards her when he says “and this woman” helps to make the joke clear at the end. Otherwise, some people may have misheard and thought that the best man was calling the bride a man!
It would be a good idea to follow up this joke with some genuinely nice things about the bride - every best man speech should contain some compliments for the lady – but by describing the groom in a feminine way, you’ve instantly subverted the audience’s expectations, and they’ll keep this in mind for the rest of the speech.
Other examples of misdirection you may be able to use in a wedding speech include talking about a real-life tragedy only to reveal you were describing the stag do, reminiscing about youthful activities and ascribing them to an elderly relative, or relating the groom’s long-held feelings of love and passion… towards his motorcycle.