Best man speech videos

Our goal is to provide a simple and fast way for people to see great wedding speech performances. Watch hilarious best men in action and see the cracking response you'll get using carefully crafted roasts and toasts.

Tears of joy

Some people worry that using a template website to draft your speech may cause it to come across as impersonal – that couldn’t be further than the truth. Many of our lines work verbatim as supplied, but some also serve to inspire you to draw upon your own experiences and revisit how you felt in the moment.
The video below is a fantastic example of this in action. By regaling the crowd with the tale of how he cried in response to news of his friend’s engagement, the best man mocks himself while also allowing everyone into an intimate, vulnerable moment. And if the sentimental flashback wasn’t enough, he also manages to dig out some comedy gold from the situation too.
To do this, the best man imagines how his sobbing would’ve appeared to a casual onlooker, joking that any eavesdroppers may have thought that a breakup was taking place. This is a fantastic, harmless joke which riffs on the idea of the two men being a couple, yet it never strays towards homophobia. All it does is find a humorous angle on the situation by putting oneself into the shoes of another. And the more time you spend wondering how other people think, the more insightful and meaningful your comedic lines will become.