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A long string of girlfriends

One of the worst things you can do in a best man speech is mention by name the groom’s ex-partner. I don’t care if they were married a hundred years or they’re still together; you don’t ever bring up an old wife or girlfriend on the bride’s big day – unless they’re dead, I suppose.
However, what you can do is talk about the groom’s previous dating habits, if you do so in a humorous, respectful way. This best man handles it well since his tone makes it clear that while the groom used to date a lot of different girls as a teen, such behaviour is firmly in the past now he’s met his beautiful bride.
“Staring in high school, my brother had a long string of girlfriends which would always be introduced to us around the holidays, to ensure as many family members as possible could be introduced to them as quickly as possible.”
Your approach to this topic should always be dependant on the bride’s emotional stability. Yet even if she’s game for a laugh, you may want to run this part of the speech by some other ladies to make sure you’re not stepping over the line.