Best man speech videos

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Brotherly banter

A little gentle ribbing is expected from the Best Man, and in this case it works especially well coming as it does from a brother. By combining an insult to the Groom with a compliment for the Bride, this bloke manages to entertain and charm his audience in equal measure.

“I always thought what with Mark being the less attractive brother that he’d struggle to find a lovely girl to settle down with. Thankfully I can safely say he’s managed to punch above his weight.”

As you can see this line gets a laugh early on, but only if you’re confident enough to pull it off. If you’re going to turn some of the attention on yourself by claiming you’re the more handsome one, make sure you sound sure of yourself in your delivery. The double laugh this joke gets in a short space of time makes it a prime candidate to build momentum at the beginning of your speech. A word of caution though, if the Groom is a little sensitive to the fact that she’s Man United to his Port Vale, you may want to hold off the harsher jokes, such as this one -

“Many of you will be looking at Mark right now and thinking, wow, she could do better. And you know I said the same thing to the last girlfriend too, and she was imaginary”.